Your Pets and Hot Weather

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The hot and humid days of summer can be difficult for both you and your pets to deal with. Pets need relief from the heat as well. These are some guidelines and tips for you to keep in mind as the thermometer rises to the top!

- NEVER leave your pet in a car unattended. The temperatures can exceed 120* within minutes. Pets can quickly die due to heat stroke, brain damage and suffocation.

- Pavement and concrete temperatures become hot enough to burn the pads of your pets feet. Do not keep them on these surfaces any longer than absolutely necessary. Avoid these surfaces during the heat of the day.

- Limit exercise when it is hot. Wait until evening or early morning when surfaces and the air are cooler.

- Be sure to provide lots of water and shade for your outside pets. You can freeze 2-liter bottles of water for them to provide "cool spots" for them.

- Fans can be helpful but should not be the only thing you rely on to keep your animals cool. It may be helpful but does not provide enough cooling because dogs and cats sweat through their foot pads and by panting. Not through their skin like we do.

If you think your pet is becoming ill because of the heat you should do the following:
  • Move them to a cool place with good ventilation
  • Apply cool (not cold) towels and water to the back of their neck and undersides.
  • You may offer them ice cubes to lick or small amounts of cool water.
  • You should contact your veterinarian to have your pet seen as soon as possible.

Signs of Heat Stress/Stroke:
  • Heavy Panting     
  • Glazed Eyes       
  • Staggering Gait        
  • Unsteadiness   
  • Rapid Pulse         
  • Vomiting            
  • Disorientation       
  • Deep Red or Purple Tongue