Lyme Awareness Program

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For $80 your dog can be protected from debilitating and possibly life threatening Lyme disease. Our vaccine provider has offered to give the booster(2nd vaccination in a series of 2) free of charge to the first 25 unprotected dogs that take advantage of this promotion. This includes the initial exam, Lyme test, first vaccination and the follow up office visit with the booster vaccination. (48% savings!). Hurry as this is only available to the first 25, and through April!

Lyme disease is a tick borne disease that affects both animals and people. Up to 10% of dogs exposed to infected ticks develop Lyme disease. Dogs may develop fevers, lethargy,decreased appetites and lameness that may shift from leg to leg as multiple joints are affected. There may also be inflammation of the eyes, known as uvetitis. In some cases severe kidney disease may develop which can be life threatening, more often in Labrador and Golden Retrievers.

    Your dog can be tested for Lyme disease. If your dog has no clinical signs and tests positive for Lyme disease it has been exposed to the bacteria. It may be recommended to treat your dog with antibiotics to try to clear the infection from it's system.Treatment does not prevent reinfection and symptoms may occur weeks to months later. Vaccination is recommended in our area and strict tick control is important to help prevent your dog getting infected.  Most dogs treated for Lyme disease have a good prognosis, but relapses are possible. If you have questions about Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases please feel free to give us a call. You can also get more information on Lyme disease by visiting .

Now through April 15th take advantage of our Lyme Awareness Program promotion!