Holiday Dos and Don'ts

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During this time of year there are many things that can be harmful for our pets. With all of the decorations, packages and food it is more likely for animals to have access to potential toxins. Feeding table foods, either intentionally or by accident can cause severe intestinal upset with vomiting and diarrhea that may even become life threatening without treatment. Decorations like icicles, string and ribbon are all enticing and often are chewed and swallowed in long pieces that can cause binding and perforation of the intestines. Even things like pine needles, plastic or glass ornaments when chewed on may cause painful lacerations in the mouth or worse in the stomach causing intestinal bleeding and possible blockages that may require surgery. Sooo...   when decorating and setting out your packages, please keep in mind the furry creatures that might be stirring in the house at night while you are asleep. Keep your packages and food out of reach and tucked up tight to help keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

Other issues that can be stressful to your pets are the additional people and changes to the daily routine. Some pets are very social and happy to see anyone that comes by. Others are often more timid or may even become aggressive because of the increased company. Changes to the normal day to day schedule can cause problems also. Your pet may become anxious, destructive or even depressed because life is not "normal" for them. You can take measures to help minimize the stress for your pet by trying to keep their routine and giving them space away from company if they are less sociable pets. There are medications that can help to ease your pets anxiety as well. If you feel your pets are experiencing stress or anxiety during this hectic time of year please call us so we can help your holidays be peaceful and as stress free as possible for your pets.