Flea and Tick Control Even When It's Cold Outside!

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Even though it has gotten colder outside fleas and ticks are still here! Especially now fleas are heat seeking and trying to find warm places to stay. Fleas will not only attach themselves to your pets but will also jump on clothing and other materials to get inside your home.Once inside the house, fleas can still multiply rapidly and cause an overwhelming infestation in your home within a matter of weeks.

With all of the products available today that have been tested for both safety and effectiveness, controlling parasitic problems has become easier to do. In our area of the country we will often have a few warm enough days throughout winter that fleas and ticks will become active outside at those times and then seek the warmth of our homes. These parasites can carry organisms that can make not only pets sick but people as well. Because of this, year round flea and tick prevention has become very important not only for the health of our pets but also for us.

We encourage all pet owners to keep their animals on a year round prevention program regardless of whether they are in or outside. It only takes one female flea to start an infestation, as that single flea can lay thousands upon thousands of eggs in less than a month. As they say; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So in being proactive and preventing an infestation by keeping your pets protected from these parasites, they will be healthier and you will be happier!

Please call today to find out what prevention program will work best for you and your pets!